Core Values

A Values-Driven Company

Success in life and business happens most effectively when your partners share your same values. Those values don’t just bubble up from the ground and prosper on their own—they must constantly be nurtured.  We’ve been doing just that at TauraBaltic® for nearly 6 years.  Over that time, we’ve come to believe in six core values, and we strive to translate those shared values into behavior and action every day:

 Value Behavior: Values in Action
 Integrity Honesty, courage and ownership require each of us to take personal responsibility (I do what is right and expect the same from my partners).
 Learning Accepting the challenge requires openness to change and focus on continuous improvement (I seek ways to improve, helping sustain a culture that encourages personal and professional growth).
 Excellence My talent and vision to see the “big picture,” help engrain Safety and Quality in our culture (I am motivated to be the best and achieve results).
 People Respect and trust of my co-workers create a culture of partnership (I build positive relationships and try to get the best out of every situation and person I work with).
 Community Good citizenship requires my personal involvement and enhances TauraBaltic® name and reputation (I give of myself to others).
 Dedication Commitment and focus require that I act with fairness (At TauraBaltic®, we go the extra mile).